My Thoughts on Obama Being Elected President

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Right now, I’m watching John McCain’s concession speech.  While I didn’t vote for McCain I always thought he was a classy guy, even if that meant that he wouldn’t take the shots at Obama that he “should” have. 

Anyone can put on a good face for a concession speech while still remaining bitter about their loss.  But I witnessed something from McCain that makes me admire him as a person.  As he began his speech and mentioned the name Obama, people in the crowd began to boo.  McCain didn’t skip a beat but put his hands up to quiet them and simply said, “Please.” 

As he continued, McCain made mention of Obama’s name again and a second wave of boos issued from the crowd.  This time, you could see an actual flash of anger cross the Senator’s face.  He was making it clear that he would not tolerate any negative reaction from the crowd towards his opponent.  As the loser in this election, he could very well have let the crowd vent its frustrations and boo for an extended period of time.  He could have allowed it to perk up his ego as people showed disgust for a candidate who ran a better campaign.  But he’s a guy with class and he wouldn’t let that happen.

I like the fact that Senator McCain brought up the fact that all Americans should be proud of the fact that after 390 years of being “second class citizens”, a black man has finally taken the presidency.

Now, I didn’t for Obama either.  This was the first election that I had a great distaste for both candidates.  But now, for the first time in America’s history, black people can believe it when they are told that, in America, you can be anything you want to be with hard work and determination.  It’s pretty hard to swallow that line when you see 43 white faces staring back at you when you look at the former leaders of this country.  Now, it’s a truth realized.

Whatever our feelings about this election, whether it’s anger and frustration or elation and relief, the people have spoken and shown that in this great country of ours all men ARE created equal. 

But Obama is also part of the changing face of this nation.   Even though he is the country’s first “black” president, he is also the country’s first bi-racial president.  Sixty years ago you’d be hard put to find many bi-racial children in this country.  Now, it’s commonplace.  Even though I didn’t support him, I must admit, upon his winning this election, it goes to show how much we’ve changed as a people. 

Just as with any presidential election I have some trepidation and anxiety about what the next four years have in store for us.  But I also have hope that the next four years will be better than the last.  I don’t necessarily think that this will become the United Socialist States of America but I do have some misgivings about what we can expect to see.  I’m glad that we do not have a filibuster-proof Congress; I would have had a lot more anxiety if that were to happen. 

It is too bad that Obama’s grandmother was not alive to see this day.  How hard it must have been for Barack to have lost one of the most influential people in his life one day before he won the election. 

My prayer for the next four years is for peace and unity.  We live in troubled times and we can’t let our dissatisfactions color the fact that we still live under the same banner.  I do pray for his safety and I hope that we are all the better for having Barack Obama as our new president.

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