Monk Teaching the Glory and Joy of Sex

Posted on August 3, 2008. Filed under: Spiritual Musings, Theological Crap |

It’s not often that we hear any “good” news from the religious establishment about sex. 

Polish Capuchin Brother Ksawery Knotz

Polish Capuchin Brother Ksawery Knotz

More often than not we are told how bad it is.  Every once in a while someone will speak up and comment on the goodness of sex or even the holiness of sex.  But the stars and planets truly need to be in alignment for someone to combine the two and say that sex is both good AND holy.  Fra. Ksawery Knotz, a Polish monk, has taken it upon his good ol’ celibate self and said that sex can be holy and good at the same time in the same space and son-of-a-gun, the universe won’t implode. 

Fra. Knotz even holds seminars and retreats to help married couples fully enjoy their sexual union and even gives tips on his website.  One of the great things about his marital tips is that he discusses the oft held stereo-types and misunderstandings that Catholic couples may have about what may be considered “sinful” or not.  These days, those types of reassurances (at least in America) aren’t for those who are worried if what they are doing behind closed doors is bad, but for those detractors who believe that the church concerns itself too much with what goes on in the bedroom.  Mostly people only get upset when the church says you shouldn’t do something, but they don’t seem to mind when it says, “Nah, go ahead and have fun with it, it’s not up to us.”

On top of all of this, Fra. Knotz isn’t some kind of renegade monk trying to do his own thing w/o church approval.  He’s gotten the nod from his superiors for his seminars and retreats.  Mary Sibierski with Agence France-Presse just published an article on Fra. Knotz where he was able to briefly talk about what he’s doing and what is going on and mentions the fact that he has approval from Catholic leaders.

Please take the time to check out the article and to scan through Fra. Knotz’s website, I think you’ll be pleased and perhaps even surprised.


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