The Bible as Horror pt. 1: Disturbing Decisions and Immoral Behavior

Posted on July 14, 2008. Filed under: Theological Crap |

The Bible as a Horror Novel

Recently I’ve been reading some horror novels and short stories and I’ve noticed a common thread. Most of these stories involve something biblically related. It’s not the religions of Christianity or Judaism that are being used as the inspiration for horror but the book that they use. It got me to thinking about why that is, why does the bible seem to be inspiration for some really imaginative yet disturbing fiction? Then it dawned on me that the bible may just be the greatest horror story ever written.

I believe that a good part of it comes from things like immorality and disturbing decisions made by those whom we’ve been taught are worth admiring and emulating. Consider some of the appalling things that the bible covers. There are fathers willingly giving their daughters to men who they know will ravage them for the sake of protecting themselves and strangers they’d just met. David is a man after God’s own heart but that doesn’t stop him from ordering the death of one of his closest comrades, Uriah, after cheating with the man’s wife. Not to mention that little thing called the Canaanite genocide, an event which took years to unfold and involved two of the greatest religious icons, Moses and Joshua.

We may forget what a terrible thing the march through the Holy Land was. Imagine an army walking through Houston and simply laying waste to it, killing absolutely everything. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G! Your gold fish and gerbils aren’t even safe. Then the buildings are all burnt to the ground. The entire city is destroyed. Now I know that the population of Houston is a lot larger than any of the towns or cities that were attacked by the Israelites, I’m using it as an equivalent to Ai or Jericho, large cities for their day. Romulus and Remus were still nursing from mother wolf at the time.

I can go on and on but for the sake of time I’ll limit it to some bullet points:

• Incest early on in the bible
• Child sacrifice
• Purposely marrying a woman who gets around
• Selling a brother into slavery
• The entire book of Judges
• Killing a surrendering unarmed enemy
• Advocating smashing babies against rocks
• Making someone tell a lie then destroying them because they told it
• Circumcising unsuspecting suitors only to kill them while they recover

I’d love to elaborate but I must move on.

As a matter of fact, I think that I will have to break this up into different subjects and different blogs. There is so much to cover and I don’t want this to become one massive blog where you get overwhelmed within the first couple of paragraphs. I think the next thing I’ll cover is the gruesome images we’re given. Then I’ll cover the Lord of the Rings/Fantastical realm of the bible as horror and then the actual horror movie kind of horror stuff. More to follow in the coming days.


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