Our Newest Member of Our Family

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Most of you know that Marcia was a week overdue to have our baby. Little Guerin Aquinas Rolfingsmeyer (named after St. Theodore Guerin and St. Thomas Aquinas) was originally due on June 26th but he didn’t seem like he ever wanted to come. Poor Marcia was sooooo big that the nurses at the hospital asked as we walked in, “So you’re having twins, huh?” and we’d look at them and smile as we said no.

Finally at about 8:30 in the morning on July 3rd, Marcia woke me up gently and politely rubbing my leg. I would stir but I just couldn’t get up. Finally she said, “Hon’, my water just broke.” Boy, I shot up like a rocket. Since my wife was a high risk pregnancy we were supposed to get her to the hospital as quickly as possible. But as some of you may know, when a woman first goes in to labor, they don’t just double over in pain and immediately deliver a kid. They get giddy and kind of piddle around doing things and talking a lot, so we didnt even leave the house until just about 10:30….2 hours after her water broke.

We arrived at the hospital and we were introduced to one of the nicest nurses I’d ever met: Erin. She watched over us and actually came in every half hour to make sure we were okay.  Unfortunately around 5 o’clock Marcia’s contractions had not progressed and remained random and weak.  After talking it over with our doctor, we’d decided that a progressive dose of petocin was the way to go.  Poor Marcia was having major contractions that were increasing in intensity and thusly increased in pain.  Right about 8:30, Marcia was in tears and was begging for an epidural.  I asked that she be checked to see how dilated she was before we even were going to consider using pain meds.  This is something that Marcia wanted, not just me.  I’m not some sadistic male pig who thinks that women should have pain in labor because they were the ones who partook of the fruit in the Garden of Eden.  Using no meds was something that was very dear to Marcia.   

I kicked everyone out of the delivery room and waited until the next contraction passed to look Marcia right in the eyes to say, “Are you sure this is what you want?  I just wanted to remind you that you wanted to do it with no meds for your sake and for the baby’s.” She began to cry and apologize to me telling me that the petocin was making it so bad that she couldn’t stand it.  I told her, “Don’t apologize to me, I have no idea what you are going through.  The only one who can gauge how bad it is is you.  This is all your decision and I will support you.”  I then had an idea that we would check how dilated she was before we made a final decision.

The nurses came back in and checked her; only 6cm. dilated!  So she made the call:  epidural.  I can’t blame her.  She didn’t have a clear end in sight and the contractions were killing her.  The contractions were one minute long and were coming every 2 minutes.  She was getting no rest in between them. 

Now, let me tell you, watching the epidural was like watching a train wreck or staring at a car accident.  No matter how creepy, no matter how disturbing it got, I couldn’t take my eyes off of it.  I was even watching the anesthesiologist (sp?) in the reflection in the windows.  I felt myself starting to fade a little bit and the only reason I knew I was falling out was the sound of my shoes slowly creeking.  I caught myself, shook it off and concentrated on supporting my wife. 

After the whole epidural thing, I needed to get a breath of fresh air to clear my head and I figured it was a good time to also update people on the phone.  I called some close friends to let them know what was going on and then made my way back upstairs. 

As I stepped in the room, there was a buzz of activity.  Tara, our new nurse, and Marcia were really excited and chatty.  As Tara walked by me she said, “I’m going to find Dr. Pauloski.  She’s 9.5 cm. now!”  I was only gone for about 10 minutes.  The epidural had relaxed her to the point that everything was able to fall into place and get moving along at a quicker pace.  Literally the only thing we were waiting on was for the doctor to show up. 

What seemed like hours later, the doctor finally walked in the room.  He wheeled in his table as the nurse set up everything else.  By now, Marcia was so relaxed that she was chatty and laughing it up with everyone in the room.  And when I say everyone, I mean everyone.  My mom was there as well as my wife’s sister Amber, my mother-in-law Sue, my mom Louise and my 3 1/2 year old Titus. 

As Tara got on one side, I got on the other as the doctor prepared to deliver baby Guerin.  Titus got amazingly quiet and watched intently as this amazing thing.  He was full of questions as all of the comotion settled around his mom. 

The doctor gave us the okay to start pushing and Tara and I counted as Marcia bore down and started to heave.  We did the normal ten count allowing Marcia about a minute between contractions to catch her breath.  Finally the head started to show and the doctor did his best to kind of ease the big old melon of a head out.  The cord was wrapped around his neck so there was a tense couple of seconds as the doctor did his best to move it over his head.  Finally he was able to get it to budge and there was a collective sigh of relief.  As soon as Guerin’s head was out the rest of him just slid free. 

But there was a hush that fell over the room.  This baby was HUGE!  Even the doctor and nurse were kind of taken aback at what lay before them.  Doctor Pauloski finally broke the silence by saying, “You didn’t have a baby, you had a toddler!”  There was a little difficulty with Guerin’s breathing at first so he was moved over to the warming table where the nurse could stimulate him into crying.  He perked up rather quickly and he was weighed and measured.  Once again a hush passed over the room as the nurse called out, “23 1/2 inches, 11 pounds 8 ounces.”  She had to repeat it a couple of times before all the people in the room were convinced that the baby was as big as she was saying. 

About an hour later we were able to move upstairs to the room we would be staying in for the next 48 hours, kicked everyone out and ordered some food.  After we ate we decided to try our best to settle in and rest up.  It was now midnight and unfortunately I couldn’t sleep.  I roamed around outside, I played with the baby, I flipped through the channels and read through a book.  But no matter how exhausted I was, I couldn’t sleep. 

Finally around four in the morning, I pulled out the sleeper bed and tried to bed down for the night, which just happened to be the most uncomfortable sleep I’ve ever had.  I tossed and turned all night long and woke up so sore, you would have thought that I’d gone to the gym. 

Aside from all of the freaky things that happened, all the worries and concerns, everything turned out all right.  We’re at home now and we have an all new set of concerns (jaundice, possible infections, prepping the baby’s room, getting baby furniture to the house, etc.) but we’ll manage through them.  I’ll try to keep you posted on anything that happens but I’d like to thank everyone for their congratulations and visits.  We look forward to more visitors and (hint, hint) more meals to help us out, (thank you Ro, since Marcia was the meal planner at church for people who needed meals, no one is doing it for her, something we overlooked and hope somebody will pick up.)

Anyway peace to you all and thank you very much for everything.



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