Our Family Vacation Adventure in Florida: pt. 2

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Aaaaah!  Now that’s more like it.  I’m rested (read: all napped up) and not feeling sore anymore.  I reread pt. 1 of this blog series and am amazed at how tired I was when I wrote it.  All of those writing errors make me look like I have writing Tourette’s.  Oh well, I’m rested enough to enjoy the candid-ness of it thusly I refuse to edit it.

I am thoroughly aggravated by the fact that the hotel advertised their free wireless internet without informing us that there’s no wireless connections in any of the rooms, only in the hotel lobby.  So I have to come to the hotel’s breakfast nook and put my laptop up on a syrup covered table to write to all of my adoring friends (all 1 of them apparently, thanks for checking me out Doug W., although I know Mark Johnson will come and visit sooner or later;  hey Mark, it’s warm and sunny here hahahaha to you and your Iowan snow!)

Today I didn’t do squat except smoke, write and read.  I read Anthony Bourdain’s The Bobby Gold Stories from cover to cover in a just a couple of hours.  It was OK.  Not the best book I’ve read but absolutely not the worst.  I prefer his fact books over his fiction.  I just picked up Mister Touch by Malcolm Bosse.  I can already tell it will be getting put down just as fast.  Marcia, Sue and Titus went down to the pool earlier today to go for a dip.  Marcia’s mother, Sue, didn’t know how to apply the spray on sunblock and just kind of squirted it on like you would spray perfume or cologne on.  A dash here, a dash there and she thought she’d be good.  I don’t necessarily like laughing at the misery of another (big lie) but it amuses me evertime time I think of or see the splotchy sunburn she has on her legs.  She’s got big, white, pale polka-dots all over her legs amidst the bright red of the sunburn!  Too funny for words.

Marcia and I found this awesome seafood buffet restaurant called Boston Seafood Feast.  They had fried scallops, green mussels, rock crab claws, london broil, oyster Rockefeller, Snow Crab legs and much more on the buffet.  But the capper for me?  What made it the best all-you-can-eat seafood buffet I’ve ever been to?  It was the all-you-can-eat lobster….All….You…Could….Eat!!!  I ate five friggin’ lobsters.  I don’t know whether I should gloat about it or be ashamed at even mentioning it.  I tried numerous times to call my “friends” (wink) Maurice and Lauren to tell them about this blessed heaven burried in this neon jungle but neither picked up the phone.

When we got back from the restaurant and waddled our fat happy selves through the side door of the hotel, I spotted a little green tree frog stuck to the outside window of the foyer.  When I got back to the hotel room, I let Sue and Titus know there was a frog down stairs and Titus just thought it was the coolest thing.  It is now about 10:30 at night, I just got done trying to buy tickets for the family to go to the Pirate’s Adventure dinner show but I found out that you can only order them online 72 hours in advance, not 48 like I tried (those damn pirates and their standards!)  Tomorrow we’re going to Gatorland praying that it doesn’t rain.  If it does end up raining, we’re going to drive the 1 1/2 hours to Clearwater Beach for the day.  I’m still trying to convince Marcia that Medieval Times is the way to go but she won’t listen to me, she’d rather go to the one in Chicago but that’s a different issue for a different day.


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One Response to “Our Family Vacation Adventure in Florida: pt. 2”

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Looked up Clearwater Beach and as you told me, rave reviews from visitors. Looked up your Royal Whatever motel/hotel and there are a number of messages from previous guests describing reservation problems. Strongly advise you all recheck your reservations w/ the front desk BEFORE checking out.

Ran into the Quirin’s at Border’s last night. Jan and I remembered it was 1 year ago you all were out here for a visit. They are doing well and said to say hi to you and the family.

P.S. I’m really really glad to hear the weather in Florida is sooooo good for your visit. Remember the weather here last year? Well this year, it is typical gorgeous California weather. I still think your stay wasn’t long enough, though you may argue that point.

Love to you all – Mom R.

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