Human Weapon – A Review

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Karate Human Weapon – A Review 

Battered and Bruised

The History Channel is well known for its own versions of reality-tv.  Shows such as The Naked Archaeologist and History Undercover have garnered their own cult-like followings.  Human Weapon has quickly become one of those shows.  Former MMA welterweight champion Jason Chambers and football player turned wrestler Bill Duff take their viewers on a journey throughout the world exploring different martial arts.  At each stop they are given a week to study as intensively as they possibly can and are given a challenge to fight a champion in that week’s chosen style.

Equal parts boxing match and history documentary, Human Weapon brings to the average tv viewer a chance to see martial arts they may never have experienced.  Savate French street fighting, Russian Sambo, Eskrima stick fighting from the Phillipines are merely a fraction of the different fighting styles Bill and Jason attempt to learn on their journey.  Each of these techniques have their own amazing background and history attached to them that are fleshed out during the course of the program. 

Krav Maga

With each new combat style come different training regimens.  Aside from the fighting, this period of mental, spiritual and physical toughening is the most entertaining portion of the show.  Each week we watch these two warriors try to tough it out as their endurance is pushed to the limit.  Even as I sit on my semi-comfortable couch, I begin to sweat and pant heavily as Jason and Bill trudge up another hill or pound there fists into a tree. 

Although the entertainment value is there, the History Channel could never let a show slip by without oodles and oodles of neat-o information.  As the bruised duo learn new moves we are shown computer models of what it should look like.  As the computer avatars present to the viewer what is happening, the move and the potential damage it can do to an opponent is explained.  It’s amazing to learn what the human body is capable of dishing out and absorbing.  Who knew that bone is better than concrete or that an elbow to the head is the equivalent of using a hammer?  Good things to know when signing my kid up for Pankration lessons.

As Jason and Bill skip from master to master and school to school, one interesting thing to note was that they became more and more humble as time went on.  I’m not trying to say that they went into the venues with noses in the air but they definitely learned an appreciation for the different fighters that they met and the different techniques.  You could also watch the transformation as they blended the physical nature of their jobs with the mental and spiritual exercises necessary for fighting concentration.  A valuable lesson if you ask me.


I will admit that I did begin to look up schools for Krav Maga and Muay Thai in my hometown (amazingly enough we have some).  But I wasn’t looking at them so that I could become the next Jet Li.  I was looking for the training regimens.  This show has reminded me of my short-comings as a human being seeking to be all that God has created me to be.  Sure, I can pray and meditate with the best of them (humility is not one of my strong suits), but boy, I don’t have the discipline necessary to keep my body in shape.  Watching these two men attempting to find a balance between the body and the soul has made me realize that good spiritual balance should allow me to be able to discipline my body to do the things I want it to do (like stop eating hotdogs and start eating whole grain bread.)

I’m not saying that being out of shape makes me a bad Christian but having that balance and control of mind, body and spirit can help allow me to overcome the obstacles that present themselves to each one.  There are plenty of incidents in the epistles where we find Paul exhorting us to keep our bodies trained as well as our spirits.  Maybe it’s time for me to start whipping myself into shape.  How ‘bout you?


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I really hope you give Krav a try. They thing about Krav is there is a lot of Muay Thai in it plus you get all the self defense principles and techniques, like gun and knife defense, how to escape from a headlock and stuff like that. But if you want to fight in the ring for sport go with the Muay Thai.

I definitely need to get into shape. My self-defense class is showing me just how weak I am physically.

Great post I learned alot! Thanks =)

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