Homicide – A Review

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Homicide – A Review

Reality TV has reached the next step in its evolution.  From COPS to The Real World to Survivor, we have sat on our couches watching regular people in rather un-regular situations.  Homicide has brought us the newest wave in reality TV viewing, regular people solving real problems in this case it happens to be murders.  Homicide is a ten-episode series appearing Tuesdays at 10:00 EST on Spike TV where ordinary people are put to the test of trying to solve a real murder with real life Texas Detective Tommy Le Noir aiding the two teams of contestants and taking every opportunity to point out their forensic shortcomings. 

The two teams are faced with a true homicide that has already been solved.  The crime scene has been recreated with the most important evidence present including blood, bone and brain matter, bodies and other physical evidence linking the original perpetrator to the crime.  Also appearing is the original forensic examiner giving the teams a run down of his autopsy report.  Lastly, the interrogation tapes are recreated and the teams are allowed to watch the more pertinent parts of the questioning.

I said earlier that this is the natural progression of reality TV.  With COPS we saw real people dealing with their real problems, The Real World (Bunim-Murray productions is responsible for The Real World and is also responsible for Homicide) brought us a group of strangers trying to cope with each other, and in Survivor we were presented with real people dealing with each other while competing for something.  Now with Homicide we have real people dealing with other people’s real problems while competing against another team. 

Many people have watched shows like The Closer, Cold Case Files, and of course the many incarnations of CSI.  This show is for those people who would like to put their TV-gained knowledge of forensic sciences to the test.  In a 48-hour period they must use their knowledge and instincts to bring a true crime to a close.  Of course, after having watched the aforementioned shows, the people on the teams think that they know what they should be looking for and what evidence is relevant.  It must be said that it is entertaining to watch people think they know what they’re doing when in all actuality they are absolutely clueless.

In the end the show seems to distract from the fact that a real murder has occurred and real people have lost their lives.  Watching people get together and compete, blundering around a recreated crime scene may be entertaining to some but I’ll take my amusement with a hint of fiction and a whole lot of acting.  If you’re already watching any of the crime shows on TV (i.e. CSI, The Closer, etc.) stick with it, you’re not missing anything and you’re probably getting more from it.


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