Sleeping with Daddy

Posted on May 30, 2007. Filed under: Good Titus |

Last night, I kept noticing that I couldn’t roll over in my sleep and thus, would wake up for just a second then quietly go back to sleep.  It was Good Titus sleeping next to me.  It wasn’t until I woke up this morning and noticed that he’d positioned himself into the crook of my arm that I realized why I couldn’t roll over.  There was Good Titus, mouth open and snoring, happy as can be sleeping next to his Daddy. 

It’s something he’s been doing A LOT lately, coming in and climbing up in bed with me.  Usually I wake up enough to take Good Titus back to bed, the only problem is that usually I’ve only been sleeping for about an hour when this happens and then it takes another two hours for me to get back to sleep.  But that’s okay for now.  It’s got an endearing quality to it that I can’t help but get the warm fuzzies over. 

There’s something comforting about being needed but I’ve seriously got to break him of this.  Anybody got advice.  I don’t have this problem with Bad Titus which is funny. 


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Little guy loves his Daddy and his Momma. He misses his Momma right now while she’s working so much for her family. Titus is bonding with his Daddy even more than before, what with all the “guy” time and missing Momma. So he goes where he feels warm and fuzzy. And it makes YOU feel warm and fuzzy. Crazy how undemanding love from someone that stays true to who they are, makes the recipient feel warm and fuzzy, huh. I love you Honey.

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