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Rob & Titus – Pea’s N A Pod

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Posted on May 31, 2007. Filed under: Uncategorized | if anyone wants to buy this for me, my Buddy Jesus is getting lonely.

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Maybe, just maybe…

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It’s late at night and I’ve been thinking about something.  Everyone knows what kind of funk I’ve been in.  It just seems as though nothing has gone right for a year and a half.  You feel sick inside and even your soul becomes sick after a while.  For almost two years I refused to leave the house (unless practically dragged out) and then when I would leave to go somewhere I’d wander off to a quiet corner and sit in silence. 

But here lately, I’ve thought to myself, “If I really want a change, if I want to get back to where I used to be I need to get out again.”  I’ve been out of the house more often in the past four weeks than I have been in the last year….and this has caused me to really think.

Good Titus and Bad Titus don’t normally like to be held for very long.  But every once in a while, Good and Bad Titus gets sick or gets really tired or gets hurt and simply needs to be held (not wants to be held but needs to be held).  Just sits there and waits, waits until it seems like it’s okay to come back out.  It makes me wonder if that’s not what is happening with me.

Maybe, with all of the hurt, all of the crap, all of the bad news I’ve gotten (almost without any good news in-between), I’ve just climbed into the lap of God and I just haven’t been ready to get up.  It’s not that God made the move towards me, nor did he do anything while I sat there (I’m speaking metaphorically, please don’t give me the ‘God is always doing stuff’ line cuz I’ll have to hit you) just like I don’t need to always do something with Good and Bad Titus when sitting in my own lap.  As a matter of fact, I doubt there’s even a realization that there’s a lap being sat in.

 Maybe I’m in the same position.  Maybe I’m sitting in the lap of God, just being held, without even realizing that I’m being comforted.  Maybe I need to 1) realize that’s what’s happening and 2) maybe the reason I’m getting out more often is because I’m ready now to be let back down off of that lap. 

 I don’t know, I don’t want to speculate.  But maybe, just maybe…

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Favorite Theologians of the Moment

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I would love to hear from you all on who your favorite theologians of the moment are.  Right now in order of favoriteness for me is:

Bernard Lonergan and his Transcendental Theology and Methodology.  I think his Methodology could move us forward as a people as well as a church.

Dorothee Soelle and her contemporary ideas for Theodicy.  She uses (just as Sebastian Moore does) current psychology and current theology to come to an understanding of suffering and peace in the modern world and how God plays into this struggle.

Gustavo Gutierrez and the Boff brothers and their Liberation Theology.  As long as it doesn’t go into communism or preaching violent action against the powers that be, I love Liberation Theology.

Jurgen Moltmann and his Dialectic Theology.  What list of favorite theologians would be complete without Jurgen?  I’d love to hear from you all on this, who your favorite theologians/anti-theologians are.  Basically so I can read new stuff.  No fundy crap either, I will be really angry with you if you waste my time with it.  Hopefully you’ll have enough sense to know when it’s fundy and when it’s not.  Otherwise, I’ll educate you, and I’m sure a couple other people will too.

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Sleeping with Daddy

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Last night, I kept noticing that I couldn’t roll over in my sleep and thus, would wake up for just a second then quietly go back to sleep.  It was Good Titus sleeping next to me.  It wasn’t until I woke up this morning and noticed that he’d positioned himself into the crook of my arm that I realized why I couldn’t roll over.  There was Good Titus, mouth open and snoring, happy as can be sleeping next to his Daddy. 

It’s something he’s been doing A LOT lately, coming in and climbing up in bed with me.  Usually I wake up enough to take Good Titus back to bed, the only problem is that usually I’ve only been sleeping for about an hour when this happens and then it takes another two hours for me to get back to sleep.  But that’s okay for now.  It’s got an endearing quality to it that I can’t help but get the warm fuzzies over. 

There’s something comforting about being needed but I’ve seriously got to break him of this.  Anybody got advice.  I don’t have this problem with Bad Titus which is funny. 

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My First Musing

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Well, it’s been a long time in coming and it’s been much much promised but here it is.  I finally got myself a blog (for better or worse).  In time, I’ll get more savy at this and will be able to throw some pics and stuff in here.  I don’t care what comments are put on here, just be kind to each other.  And just because you assume so, doesn’t mean I’m going to agree with you.  You might actually walk away quite surprised. 

The reason I called this Rob’s Musings, is because the Muses were there to inspire.  That’s all I care to do.  I’d like to inspire people to better things but for the most part, I just want someone to be inspired to think and ponder.  The greatest move you can make is towards greater peace and love and I hope that’s where we all move to.  Humanity and Christians in general, are called to bring in the Kingdom of God.  The Kingdom of God is about peace and love first and foremost, those two things should be paramount in our lives.   

This isn’t hippies throwing flowers crap (as one of my professors once said) but really there is nothing wrong with peace, love, and joy.  Not neccessarily all at once or all the time.  Lord knows I don’t want to get started on that right now.  That’s a different post for a different day. 

 Who knows, maybe this blog will get me into more hot water than I’d like but dammit all I can’t help the two things that I do best: making waves and making people cry (I’ll talk about that last one someday). 

 Peace to you all and I hope you enjoy.  Love you all, Rob

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